Enhancing Student Experience with Mobile Communication

As higher education professionals, it’s imperative that we provide our students with a valuable, empowering student experience. More often than not, that means finding ways to communicate with them in relevant ways at each point along the student lifecycle. Join the Guidebook EDU team for a roundtable conversation as they discuss how mobile technology can (and is!) impacting student experience, ways to stay relevant in your ever-evolving communication strategy, and actionable tips for impacting specific inflection points along the student lifecycle with mobile communication.

You'll Learn:

  • How to thrive because of the digital age, rather than work against it
  • How mobile technology can be at the center of your student engagement strategy
  • Why mobile app platforms are ideal centralized student communication centers

[Webinar] What's New with Guidebook: Users & Groups

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What's New with Guidebook:
Understanding Your Audience with Users & Groups

Join this webinar to learn about one of Guidebook's newest product releases, Users & Groups. With this feature, you can now take control of your users’ experience by simplifying app adoption and onboarding.

Our product experts will take a deep dive into Users & Groups new functionality, and discuss how you can best leverage it for your app. If you’ve been wondering about how to up your mobile app game, or you’re curious about what sets Guidebook apart, this is a do-not-miss event!

You'll Learn:

  • How you can promote your app to specific lists of users you want to invite

  • How to control access to your app by whitelisting it, ensuring that only invited users can use your app

  • How to learn who your users actually are, and segment them out to send targeted schedules or messaging


Aaron Ebert

Aaron is an in-house Guidebook product expert. He talks to customers around the world to find out their needs and make sure those are being integrated into Guidebook’s future releases.

Evan Bremble

Evan is a Senior Customer Service Representative and part of Guidebook’s support team. He is based out of our Raleigh, North Carolina office. Evan has been with Guidebook since November 2015.

Matt Oney

Matt works on the Marketing team here at Guidebook. Heading webinars, part of his role here is to make sure we're educating you all with industry trends, new product releases, and more.  

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