Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to engage students in this new digital environment

  • How mobile fits into the overall student lifecycle

  • Challenges that the University of Florida faced and overcame

Developing a Campus-Wide
Mobile Presence

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Developing a Campus-Wide Mobile Presence

Students today don’t respond to the traditional methods of communication from their college or university like they once did. While websites and email are appropriate for housing and delivering certain types of information, institutions need to develop a campus-wide mobile presence in order to reach students effectively and in the format they prefer.

In this webinar, Mickey Howard of the University of Florida joins GuidebookEDU's own Joey Ziminsky to discuss strategies for developing a campus mobile app to improve communication and foster deeper community engagement.


Joey Ziminsky

Joey is the Director of GuidebookEDU. He works with hundreds of universities to make sure their transitions into mobile are as seamless as possible. And today he joins us to share his insights and experience. 

Mickey Howard

Mickey is the Associate Director at the Dean of Students office at the University of Florida. He's also a long-time user of Guidebook in higher education, so he's bringing a lot of experience and knowledge of mobile campus implementations to the table.
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