Landing the Perfect Event App Sponsorship

With the influx of event apps replacing paper programs at events and conferences, new opportunities are emerging to monetize your mobile event app. From banner ads and custom push notifications, to leveraging data and insights to identify "hot" leads for sponsors, the opportunities to generate revenue through sponsorships are endless. Register your spot for this webinar and you'll learn:

  • What to look for in a mobile app to best support your sponsorship sales

  • Which metrics are most important to focus on

  • How to think about pricing and packaging of sponsorship opportunities

Landing the Perfect Event App Sponsorship

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Matt Keowen

Matt Keowen is the VP of Marketing here at Guidebook. Among many other things, it is his job to speak with you—our customers—and make sure that our initiatives align with what you want to see from us.

Sue Pelletier

Sue is a Content Director, Editor, and blogger over at MeetingsNet. She believes we should never stop educating ourselves in life, and aims to help us do exactly that!
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