Make Mobile Tech Part of Your Event Marketing Mix

Event apps have been around for a while. But, new and exciting features and capabilities are changing the way meeting planners use them to promote their events and to engage with audiences.

Join us for a free webinar to learn how you can maximize today’s mobile technology to better reach and engage with your prospective audience. During this live session you’ll learn:

  • How forward-thinking meeting planners are using interactive,
    mobile communication strategies to engage with event audiences

  • Innovative ways to take advantage of mobile tech capabilities to
    gain user insights

  • Where and how mobile tech can fill gaps in your marketing mix

Why You Should Make Mobile
Part of Your Event Marketing Mix

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Matt Keowen

Matt Keowen is the VP of Marketing here at Guidebook. Among many other things, it is his job to speak with you—our customers—and make sure that our initiatives align with what you want to see from us.

Sue Pelletier

Sue is a Content Director, Editor, and blogger over at MeetingsNet. She believes we should never stop educating ourselves in life, and aims to help us do exactly that!
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