Enhancing Student Experience with Mobile Communication

As higher education professionals, it’s imperative that we provide our students with a valuable, empowering student experience. More often than not, that means finding ways to communicate with them in relevant ways at each point along the student lifecycle. Join the Guidebook EDU team for a roundtable conversation as they discuss how mobile technology can (and is!) impacting student experience, ways to stay relevant in your ever-evolving communication strategy, and actionable tips for impacting specific inflection points along the student lifecycle with mobile communication.

You'll Learn:

  • How to thrive because of the digital age, rather than work against it
  • How mobile technology can be at the center of your student engagement strategy
  • Why mobile app platforms are ideal centralized student communication centers

Webinar: Enable Your Workforce to Build Their Own Mobile Apps

View On-Demand:

Enable Your Workforce to Build Their Own Mobile Apps

Join this webinar to learn how your non-technical personnel can take advantage of a mobile app building platform like Guidebook to widely deploy apps across an entire company. We’ll talk about the most common uses for apps within organizations and how simple management on your part can break the barrier on scaling mobile apps for your company.

You'll Learn How to:

  • Identify the increasingly common use cases for mobile apps within organizations

  • Understand the features and benefits of a SaaS app-building platform for both technical and non-technical users

  • Develop a strategy for deploying a fully-scaled mobile app delivery program


Katherine De Leon

Katherine is Guidebook’s Director of Enterprise and oversees some of Guidebook’s largest implementations. Katherine works with marketing, HR, and IT teams to introduce mobile communications to a variety of companies.

Bryant Bland

Bryant is an Enterprise Account Executive at Guidebook. He strategizes with organizations to match up their mobile ambitions with the nuances of their internal structures to make large app implementations a success.

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