Enhancing Student Experience with Mobile Communication

As higher education professionals, it’s imperative that we provide our students with a valuable, empowering student experience. More often than not, that means finding ways to communicate with them in relevant ways at each point along the student lifecycle. Join the Guidebook EDU team for a roundtable conversation as they discuss how mobile technology can (and is!) impacting student experience, ways to stay relevant in your ever-evolving communication strategy, and actionable tips for impacting specific inflection points along the student lifecycle with mobile communication.

You'll Learn:

  • How to thrive because of the digital age, rather than work against it
  • How mobile technology can be at the center of your student engagement strategy
  • Why mobile app platforms are ideal centralized student communication centers

Webinar: Using Mobile Apps for Career Services

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How to Implement Mobile Tech for Your Office and Career Fairs

How do you communicate with your students about the opportunities your office provides? Students are asking for information to be delivered directly to their phones, but administrators are left scratching their heads when it comes to getting a mobile app and running.

Learn how Guidebook is enabling Career Services departments to create their own apps without any complicated resources or custom development. With an app, your students will be able to find relevant and up-to-date information about your office or a particular event like a career fair.

You'll Learn:

  • How you can replace your printed booklets at Career Fairs and save thousands of dollars

  • To use app features like surveys and push notifications to engage in 2-way communication

  • How to choose the right app content to make it an invaluable resource for your audiences


Ashley Bailey

Ashley is the Marketing Coordinator for the Kansas State University Career Center. Her role includes marketing and promotional management, website administration, university relations, and digital media. She played an integral role in launching a career fair app for the Center.

Matthew McHugh

Matthew is a Customer Success Associate at Guidebook. He helps people figure out the best way to take advantage of apps in order to communicate effectively with their audiences. Matthew works with all types of industries, but particularly enjoys helping out universities and has built many career fair apps. ​

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