Unlocking a Mobile Mindset for Your Organization

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Unlocking a Mobile Mindset for Your Organization

Mobile tech is becoming an increasingly important part of reaching association membership. Yet many organization don't know how to tap its power.

In this discussion -- first presented at the ASAE Technology Conference in 2016 -- you'll learn how to unlock the potential of mobile for your association.

Led by Guidebook experts Matt Oney and Matt Keowen, we'll cover the role that mobile needs to play in the ever-evolving communications strategies for associations – and how to get the most out of this component of your marketing mix.We'll take a look at the current market dynamics for associations and analyze some of the most effective communications strategies out there today.

You'll Learn:

  • Findings from recent research aimed at studying associations' latest communications strategies

  • How to leverage the most effective communication channels to reach different demographics

  • How to begin expanding the mobile component of your association's communications strategy


Matt Keowen

Matt Keowen is the VP of Marketing here at Guidebook. Among many other things, it is his job to speak with you —our customers— and make sure that our initiatives align with what you want to see from us.  

Matt Oney

Matt Oney also works on the Marketing team at Guidebook. Heading webinars, part of his role here is to make sure we're educating you all with industry trends, new product releases, and more. 

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